Wednesday, 22 May 2013


              It is one of my favourite thing you can tell that I can't live without watching it.I'm just crazy about sports.I myself used to do some sports seriously but due to some problem I could not continue it further and I'm really sorry for that... I wish I was so daring like Saina Nehwal...and could just only concentrated with sports.... anyway everybody can't be Saina.Now I only watch it on T.V. which is kinda good watching all my favourite players just gives me so much pleasure.My all time favourites are Sourav Ganguly I just love him ....actually he is the reason for me being so crazy about cricket during the 90s.... next is Roger Federer who for me is the king of lawn tennis.....he is so graceful on the court as if there is butter under his shoes.And there are many more.....if I go on telling I bet people will get bore so I'm gonna stop now...

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Friends........are the world's most precious gift without them i think anybody would be lost.It really doesnot matter how many friends you have in your whole life the only thing that matters is many friend/s stay with you till you die.....(it's what i think).

People say that you can only have 1 best friend but it's not true you can have more than 1 best friend i have 2 Best Friends and both of them are very dear to me and i just can't think my life without them.......FRIENDS just make your perfect. They are my living secrect diary i share everything with them.....

And the best thing about friends is that they are equally stupid just like you and they would patiently listen to all the craps that you say and will also give you their opinion to all the craps. You don't have to pretend infront of your can be just you.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Photography ........ what do i say about it??
It has now become a part of my life i sometimes feel incomplete without it......let m tell you first that though i have not done any  courses in photography but i 'm obsessed with it whenever i get time i 'm doing photography. But the sad part is i don't have a SLR Camera.Though it does not stop me from doing photography because i have my Nokia 5130c2 which is very good for an ameture like me.But i know that someday i will surely buy a SLR Camera then that will be my day :)

Some of my photography